Gilad Friedman

What do I do in the school

I am Israeli and I hope to be in the school for the upcoming 2018/2019 year. I am a professional musician and I speak english on a mother tongue level. I hope to communicate with students on a personal level, and maybe instill a love for music into those that are interested.


I was in the Israeli regular school system for eight years, and my final four years of formal education were in the Sudbury democratic school in Jerusalem. I completed high school in 2016. In addition, I studied music theory for the last 3 years of high school outside of my regular studies and completed the matriculation exam in music with perfect scores.

Job/professional experience

I have worked for the past year and a half in a prominent jazz bar in Jerusalem as a musician and barman and I have been performing in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for approximately four years in a variety of styles and on a multitude of instruments, most recently as a background pianist in a local restaurant.

Personal interests, hobbies, other projects

I enjoy books and chess very much and would be happy to start a chess club of some sort inside the school. One of my major goals in the school is to have a functioning student musical group of some sort and perhaps some up and coming pianists. I would be more than glad to teach piano, bass, guitar or even just musical theory to anyone who is interested, as a group or as individuals.

Why Donum Felix

Alternative education has been a prime interest of mine for several years and being in the Sudbury school in Jerusalem was the best experience I could have hoped to have had as a teenager. I have many problems with standard education and I want as many children as possible to receive alternative education from a young age. I strongly believe that free and democratic education is the only viable system of education that I have seen so far and I want to further that cause and our school.