Rein van der Burg

What do I do at school?

I would say I merely practice the art of ‘being’. Where the world of now is in a big hurry, often kids are in a meditative state without even knowing. Meditation is not always in a room but as well in learning how to keep our energy’s in a daily life. Besides that I go with the kids in their world, being able to make them feel understood trough that.

Education, study

Ten years of studies of which Social Work, specialized in crisis-childcare, contextual/system therapy minors as well as a pre-masters in Humanistics (Small university in the Netherlands which studies the human being in all possible aspects) where I wrote a thesis on imagination.

Professional life

While doing the humanistic masters in the evening, I worked for two years in the (crisis) childcare as well as being personal guidance for kids with what they call a disorder in the autistic spectrum. Those names that are formulated in the DSM* as well as an outdated system set the inspiration for me to not leave it to crisis situations and build on a steady fundament which is that a child is free to develop according to primarily it’s own motivations, not to the (often unconscious) motivations of adult’s and culture.

I worked for two years with crisis situations before I gave up my job, house and steady life for a nomadic way of living all around the world for approximately three years now. In those three years I lived in various communities all around the world. They formed my framework for healthy community and village living.

Personal interest, focus, other projects

Transforming Stress/hurry towards a mindful state of being, Perma-culture as an antidote for agriculture (And all forms of letting nature flourish it-selves, like free kids), Geo-metrics, simple and healthy life.

Why Donum Felix?

It’s a bridge towards global community living where we see ourselves as an individual while at the same time being one with everything. My opinion is that we desperately have to learn to communicate and connect as a collective instead of hiding from ourselves in numerous ways.

*The book that psychologists and psychiatrists use to write their diagnoses.